Set for “Thief of Baghdad” (released in March 1924) at Pickford-Fairbanks Studios, now The Lot.

The Center’s virtual museum ( will feature dozens of online permanent exhibits that interpret our history using photographs, text and state-of-the-art immersive technology.

The Center will also seek opportunities to engage the public with the city’s history. For example, we advocate establishing the Sunset Trail, a series of illustrated historic markers at key sites along the Sunset Strip. The markers will be a boon for visitors and locals alike and greatly enhance the pedestrian experience on the Strip.

Other community engagement opportunities under consideration include pop-up exhibits of artifacts in public spaces and at events, a history-in-the-schools program, readings by authors of books about local history, a film festival and other events and seminars.

Finally, our vision for the future includes the development of a brick-and-mortar history museum and visitors’ center. Toward that end, the Center will locate and catalog historically significant artifacts for eventual inclusion in the West Hollywood Museum collection.