The Player’s Club at 8225 Sunset on the Strip in the 1940s. Owned and operated by writer-director Preston Sturges, it was considered a dinner club for movie stars. Pink Taco occupies the building now.

The West Hollywood History Center is a community-based nonprofit organization. Its primary goal is to establish a museum – the West Hollywood Museum – that will tell the amazing story of the history of West Hollywood and preserve artifacts from the city’s past for future generations.

In the interim, however, the Center will create a virtual museum that will collect stories, videos and photographs that chronicle our history.

Additionally, the Center will also connect the community and its visitors with the city’s history by hosting events and pop-up exhibits, It will also provide guests in our city with context that will add a cultural dimension to their visits.

Also key to the Center’s mission will be its efforts to stimulate West Hollywood’s essential tourism economy. Cultural tourism attracts sophisticated visitors — people who are educated, well-informed and curious, and who seek a deeper dive into the unique character of a place than a casual visit can offer.

The Center will promote cultural tourism by spotlighting places, people and events that are significant to the history of music, movies, stand-up comedy and other forms of entertainment. Calling that out online will motivate people to come to West Hollywood to explore the virtual city in real life.

Finally, as an enduring repository for the city’s stories and its memories, the Center’s West Hollywood Museum will be a gift to the people of the city of West Hollywood for generations to come.