Explore the history of the hotel, its famous guests and the life of its founder, Broadway and silent film star, Alla Nazimova

‘I’ll be damned if I’ll believe anyone lives in a place called the Garden of Allah.’

– Thomas Wolfe, in a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald, July 26, 1937

Sorry, Tom, but there was a place called the Garden of Allah. And famous people – movie stars and writers – lived there and played there. For 32 years the party never stopped.

And then it did.

The History Center invites you to explore this virtual exhibit on the history of the Garden and its movie star-founder, Alla Nazimova.

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Former Hacienda Park Apartments, now Piazza del Sol

Hacienda Park & the Origins of the Sunset Strip

In 1906 Sunset Boulevard was extended from Hollywood west into a new 140-acre development called Hacienda Park. Decades later the Sunset extension  came to be called “the Strip.” This exhibit explores the history of Hacienda Park, the Sunset Strip’s first neighborhood. 

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Dodge House

The Dodge House on Kings Road Demolished in 1970

Built in 1916 at 950 North Kings Road, the Dodge House was one of the first architecturally significant residences in West Hollywood. Despite desperate efforts to save it, it was demolished in 1970. The 194-unit Courtyard complex occupies the site today.

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The Crescent Heights Market, including world-famous Schwab's Drug Store, on the south side of Sunset between Laurel and Crescent Heights
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